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8 March: International Women's Day of Struggle

8 March: International Women's Day of Struggle

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This 8th March 2024, International Women's Day of Struggle, let's raise our voices for justice, equality and women's rights all over the world. It is time to end the patriarchal system and capitalism that lead to inequalities and violence as norms.

Year after year, wage inequalities persist, as do disparities in the labour market. The jobs most occupied by women are often the most precarious.

It is essential that we achieve structural changes that fully recognise and value women in all aspects of life, from the workplace to public spaces, ensuring decent work and access to health care.

We defend women's right to decide over their own bodies, guaranteeing safe and free access to abortion and sexual and reproductive health services.

We stand up against sexual and gender-based violence, which continues to torment women and LGBTQIA+ people. According to the United Nations, the number of women and girls killed because of their gender in 2022 - nearly 89,000 - is the highest annual figure recorded in the last 20 years. And the figures for 2023 are likely to be equally alarming or even higher.

We denounce the fact that women are the first victims of colonial wars and armed conflicts such as in Palestine, Congo, Iran or Ukraine.

Women are also the first victims of climate change: 80% of the people displaced by disasters and climate change worldwide are women and girls.

Let us strongly promote solidarity and inclusion of all women, especially those most marginalised by society, such as migrant and undocumented women. No migrant woman is illegal! 

Let's strengthen the mobilisation for a women's strike or uprising so that we can build and expand the balance of power that is crucial to making this world a more gender and class just place!

Join us in this internationalist struggle!


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