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Stop the brutal onslaught of the State of Israel against the Palestinian people!

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Since the last century, the colonial war of the State of Israel has left many deaths along the way. The Palestinian people experienced all kinds of violence, as it was in May 1948 with the Nakba, continued in June 1967 during the 6 days war and we are seeing it now with the beginning of a bloody and unprecedented war where thousands of civilians have been killed.

With the argument of revenge for the Hamas attack, the State of Israel is carrying out an unprecedented offensive in Gaza, not only warlike with heavy bombardments, but also strategic, against the civilian population, denying them basic products for subsistence such as water, food, medicine, petrol, electricity and destroying their homes. Many voices denounce the risk of genocide of the Palestinian people. The hypocrisy of the West is manifest, speaking of "Israel's right to security" and taking advantage of this to resume the offensive against the Palestinian people in its project of ethnic cleansing.

The trade unions of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles are against any attack on the peoples and any State crime and we want to denounce the IMPUNITY, VIOLENCE and VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS that the Palestinian civilian population is suffering by the Israeli State with the active collaboration of the United States of America and its allies.
Palestine was condemned by the British to its end after World War I and now the State of Israel wants to continue its policy of occupation, colonisation and apartheid. 

We demand:
1) an immediate ceasefire;
2) the exchange of Israeli prisoners in Gaza for Palestinian political prisoners;
3) an end to the blockade of Gaza and restrictions of movement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem;
4) the return of Palestinian refugees in accordance with international law and full equality for all.

Without justice, there will be no peace
We support the call of the Palestinian trade unions for active trade union solidarity to stop the shipment of arms to the State of Israel and call to mobilise for an end to the aggression of the State of Israel, in particular on 4 November, all over the world.

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