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Sharifeh Mohammadi, an Iranian labour and civil rights activist, sentenced to death

Sharifeh Mohammadi, an Iranian labour and civil rights activist, sentenced to death

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Syndicate of Workers of Tehran Bus Company

The Syndicate of Workers of Tehran Bus Company is a member of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggle


Sharifeh Mohammadi, a labour and civil rights activist, was put on trial by the first branch of the Rasht Revolutionary Court and sentenced to death without going through any transparent or legal procedures.

This verdict was issued on July 4, 2024 based on the false and baseless charge of "Baghi” (Rebellion) and on the pretext of Mrs. Sharifeh Mohammadi's past membership in the "Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers Organizations" a decade ago, which is an independent and legitimate labour organization. This cruel sentence does not have the slightest human or legal basis and must be nullified immediately.

The Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company has repeatedly expressed its opposition to the issuing of barbaric death sentences. The creation of false cases against labour and civil rights activists by the intelligence agents, the complete dependence of judges and the judiciary on the intelligence institutions, and their lack of autonomy, have long violated all human rights principles, and fundamental legal rights and values. The government as a whole must be held accountable for these cruel death sentences. 

Our union calls on workers, independent labour and civil rights organizations and human rights defenders in Iran and around the world to strongly condemn the cruel death sentence against Sharifeh Mohammadi and demand the immediate annulment of this unjust sentence and her unconditional release, as well as the freedom of other imprisoned labour and civic rights activists in Iran. 


Free  Sharifeh Mohammadi 

In the hope of establishing complete justice in Iran and the entire world


Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company 

July 4, 2024



Background: Sharifeh Mohammadi was arrested on December 5, 2023, in the city of Rasht, and kept in solitary confinement for several months. According to reliable sources, Sharifeh Mohammadi was under intense physical and psychological pressure for a long time to obtain a confession against herself. For a long time, she was deprived of meeting with her family, especially her young child, and she was not allowed to call her family for a long time. On the other hand, the physical pressure and repeated mistreatment of Sharifeh by the Ministry of Intelligence were such that it even led to the protest of the prison officials against her beating due to the fear of putting Sharifeh’s life in danger. Sharifeh has filed a complaint due to the torture she endured. It is now known that Sharifeh Mohammadi was severely tortured at least twice during this period.

Links to more background information in in Farsi: 


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