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It's urgent change of model!

It's urgent change of model!

Declaration by the European organisations of the International Trade Union Solidarity and Struggle Network, meeting in Milan from 2 to February 2024

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The Network

For several weeks now, farmers have been mobilizing for a decent income, but also for another agriculture that gives meaning to their work. The International Trade Union Network expresses its solidarity with the struggle for a decent income for those who work the land and not the parasitic landowners.

Employe' organizations accuse environmental standards of being the cause of the problem. For our organizations, the responsibility is capitalism, the guidelines of the IMF and the EU focused on the agri-food industry and large distribution, which forces farmers to produce more and more for insufficient wages. It is capitalism itself that devastates the environment, alters the climate and threatens the water cycle and biodiversity; the agricultural world is the first to suffer these effects.

The struggle for decent pay is shared by many wage earners and is carried out in every strike in all professional sectors. In addition, the issue of food production affects us all. For example, in all school canteens, companies, hospitals... millions of meals a day are served. The public authorities thus have a powerful lever to weigh on the incomes of rural women, privilege local production and improve the quality of meals served.

For a rescue plan for small-scale agriculture serving social needs:
● support for the demands of small farmers on the EU’s land policy (aid for fuel, energy,
ecological transition...)
● Consideration of biodiversity conservation and working conditions in the choice of
food suppliers.

Land for those who work it !

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