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Workers from the three largest car manufacturers go on strike in the US

Workers from the three largest car manufacturers go on strike in the US

Around 13 thousand auto workers remain in resistance in a historic moment for trade unionism in the country

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Since Friday (15), the mobilization organized by the UAW (United Auto Workers), employees of GM, Ford and Stellantis has reinforced the recent wave of strikes, which is already the largest in 50 years.

Unified in defense of rights and better wages, this is the first time, in the 88-year history of the entity, which represents car factory workers, that a strike has simultaneously hit the three main car manufacturers in the country. Together, they manufacture more than half of all 15 million vehicles sold annually.

Today, there are almost 13 thousand workers idly working and they will have to stop manufacturing 24 thousand cars per week. However, the plan is for the mobilization to grow in the coming days and affect the 150,000 assembly plant workers, becoming a general strike in the sector.

Automaker workers demand a 46% increase and that the increases correspond to those of the companies' executive directors. To date, Ford and GM have offered a 20% raise over the life of the contract, and Stellantis has offered 17.5%.

There is also a call for the return of traditional pension and retiree health care payment plans for all UAW members.

The strike wave must maintain strength and encourage new mobilizations. Also in 2022, there was a 50% increase in workers involved in strikes compared to 2021.

With the aftermath of the pandemic and the consequent degradation of quality of life and working conditions, inequality increased and, with it, class fury too.

The profit made in the first months of the year by the three major automakers on strike was 21 billion dollars, which puts an end to any justification for a lack of resources to meet the rights demanded.

The International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles expresses support for the strikers, who are currently in collective bargaining. 

The ILNSS also proposes that, if possible, organizations carry out acts of support from their locations, in an internationalist manifestation of solidarity.

It is necessary to put an end to lowered wage conditions, in this fight for dignity and against the withdrawal of rights and historic achievements. 


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