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The time has come for the 5th Meeting of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles

The time has come for the 5th Meeting of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles

The three-day activity will create a forum for exchanging experiences and strengthening the international organisation

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We are approaching the 5th Meeting of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles, which will begin on the evening of 10 September and continue until 12 September in the city of São José dos Campos, São Paulo.

With representatives from various countries in Europe, the Americas and Africa, among others, the activity will serve to exchange experiences and strengthen the organisation of the international working class, which is experiencing an important moment of debate against capitalism and its effects, attacks on rights, privatisations, layoffs, wars and imperialism in the world, climate change and so many other issues that affect the future of humanity

The activity will also be a space for solidarity and international co-operation between workers from different professional categories and sectors.

The last meeting took place in April 2022 in the city of Dijon, France. On that occasion, it was agreed that the next meeting would be held in Brazil, following the 5th National Meeting of CSP-Conlutas, which takes place from 7 to 10 September in São Paulo.

Check out the programme

Sunday 10 September

6pm: Opening/Report of the meetings that took place in Europe

18.30: Environment and Ecological Struggle panel

Monday 11 September

9am: International situation - Presentation of organisations (the interventions will be in alphabetical order of countries and the total time of the table will be divided by the number of organisations present).

1pm: Lunch

14:30: Group meetings by professional category - Industry, Education, Metro Rail, Commerce and Services, Social Movements, Health, Civil Servants, Pensioners, Telemarketing, Post Office, Air Transport, Precarious Labour, etc.

17.30: Panel Review of the actions decided at the 4th meeting:

- Solidarity with the Ukrainian trade union resistance against the invasion by the Russian army: our trade union convoys, links with the Ukrainian trade union movement, solidarity with the resisters in Russia and Belarus;

- Against war, militarism, imperialism and military blocs.

8pm: Socialising - Local unions invite you to a barbecue at the headquarters of the Metalworkers' Union of SJC and Region

Tuesday 12th

9am: Thematic group meetings

- Repression of the labour and popular movement and the fight against the ultra-right

- Women workers' struggles

- Racism and migration

- Welfare reforms in different countries

- Water and the climate crisis

1pm: Lunch

14:30: Final plenary - Approval of the 5th meeting manifesto, motions and campaigns

5pm: Closing

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