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European Meetings with Yuri Samoilov

European Meetings with Yuri Samoilov

Ukrainian Workers in the Shadow of War

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International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles invites to a series of meetings with Yuri Samoilov, head of the Independent Union of Miners of Ukraine in Kryvyi Rih, coordinator of the Local Confederation of Free Trade Unions.

During the meetings we will learn about changes in labour relations and wages during the wartime and the challenges these changes present to trade unions. We will get to know about the role of union organizations in armed resistance against the occupiers and in supporting civilians in the frontline areas. We will also talk about current needs and the importance of international solidarity with Ukrainian working class.

You can read the interview with Yuri Samoilov “Employers use war to take away workers' rights”. 

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The meetings are the result of two Workers' Aid Convoys to Ukraine organized by International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles.

The meetings will take place in:

Warsaw (Poland), February 21, 2023

Paris (France), February 23, 2023

Lyon (France), February 25, 2023

Madrid (Spanish State), February 28

Lisboa (Portugal), March 4-5, 2023

Milan (Italy), March 6, 2023

Padova (Italy), March 9, 2023

Katowice (Poland), March 13

If you or your organization can’t attend the meetings, but want to contribute to the preparations for the third Workers’ Aid Convoy to Ukraine in spring 2023 you can donate here


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