Planetary call to converge from 14 to 21/07 in France to share water
Share water

Planetary call to converge from 14 to 21/07 in France to share water

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The Network

For the moment, we call these communities of life "countries within
countries". They are territorial spaces always linked to a brook or a
river. Setting up "countries" based on watersheds makes it possible to
turn a vital issue - water - into a political space. Of course, water is
already managed by political institutions - there are water policies
that concern a multitude of players - but water is not a political
space. A watershed may not be governed in the same way as a
municipality, a city, a region or a state. And this is just what we
propose to do. And to redraw, based on water, a democratic geography.

At the same time, we're not inventing anything. Others than us have long
thought of these countries as the primeval peoples who managed to keep
linked with their territory. We're proposing to take this powerful idea,
fought against by centuries of colonialism and extractivism, with us.

But this proposal to make a country also knows that it is not alone in
the world, and that the world is made up of fascism, capitalism and
brutality. It is not disconnected from what is going on around it. It
knows what it has to defend and in what time and context it lives. It
knows that it is not alone, and that it cannot go for it alone. While it
intends to build, it does not forget all that destroys. And all that it
can defend. And everything it must fight.

Building a country locally, without giving in to geopolitical
constraints or national policies, also means linking up, federating,
feeling united, supporting each other, and pooling our practices, ideas
and resources. That's why we also need to find a form that will enable
us to converge in the long term, why not on a global scale?

Rendez-vous July 15-21, 2024 in France

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