In the Ardennes and Sao Paulo Tarkett workers are on strike
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In the Ardennes and Sao Paulo Tarkett workers are on strike

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Solidaires (CM)

In Sao Paulo, he fight is essentially against the threat of 35 layoffs. After voting on a strike communication and several negotiations, the company improved some economic items of the collective agreement negotiations, however, it is irreducible in the issue layoffs. For this reason, the Tarkett of Brazil went on strike from the first work shift of 12/14.

The assembly began by reading a letter sent by the workers of Tarkett of France, the company's headquarters, located in the city of Glaire, in the Ardennes region. By the way, production at the French plant has been paralyzed by a strike since 11/29 because it refuses to reset annual inflation to workers.

The Brazilian factory argues for the closure of one sector and a restructuring to compete with other markets. In those moments they forget the €280 million profit made last year, or that they are one of the world leaders in vinyl floors, all at the expense of the sweat of the company's workers.

Union and workers require job stability for 6 months for all factory employees and do not accept mass layoffs.

Several unions in the region have already been present at the strike.  Unions in other states and parliamentarians sent messages of solidarity like this.

The assembly of 12/08 gave the company a deadline until 12/14 to review the layoffs, given the negative strike was initiated. Workers voted for a 24-hour strike, after this period, a new assembly will examine if there is a new employer proposal and assess the continuity of the strike can indefinitely.

Suggested text to be sent or recorded video:

We are aware that the French multinational of vinyl floors, Tarkett, has its factory in France (Glaire/Ardennes) on strike since 11/29 for wage increase. And that on 12/14 went on strike the Tarkett de Brazil (Jacareí / São Paulo) against the threat of layoffs. We stand in solidarity with workers on strike for their legitimate rights. The working-class struggle is international!


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