Campaign to build potable water wells in Ukraine

Campaign to build potable water wells in Ukraine

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After the attack that culminated in the collapse of one of the country's largest dams, Nova Kakhovka, workers fighting the Russian invasion are appealing for money to buy drills to build wells. "The water that is distributed today is unusable for drinking, not only is it undrinkable, it is also unusable for anything else, even if it is boiled. It has a lot of chemicals and impurities in it," Yuri stressed.

International solidarity plays a crucial role in helping those facing the horrors of war. Trade union convoys, with their direct and concrete support for the Ukrainian working class, have been a vital source of hope and assistance to the people who daily face the violent Russian invasion in defence of their land and dignity.

Support the fundraising campaign to build water wells. 

Read the resolution of the 5th International Meeting of ILNSS:

Having listened to the report of the representative of NOGU and KVPU from the city of Kryvy Rih, a member organisation of the Network, Yuri Samoilov, about the critical situation with the supply of miners with clean water, we made a decision to help to collect funds and means for the purchase of a drilling machine to make wells in the groundwater. And in this way, we will help the miners and their families to get clean water for the workers in the city of Krivoy Rog by their own means.

Read the motion on Ukraine: 
At the 5th meeting of the International Trade Union Network of Solidarity and Struggles two comrades from Ukraine were present, Oksana, a nurse in Lviv from "Be like Nina" and Yuri from the metalworkers' union in Krivih Ryh. Both were able to testify directly to many trade unionists from other countries about the reality of the situation in Ukraine since the invasion of the territory and the occupation by the army of the Russian regime.
In a continuation of the motions adopted at our previous meeting in April 2022, the member organisations of the Network:
- continue their support for the Ukrainian trade union and popular resistance, materialised in particular by the workers' solidarity convoys ; our comrades in Ukraine lead the struggle against Russian imperialism, but also against the capitalists of their own country.
- They reaffirm their opposition to all imperialism, to all military blocs and their services (NATO and CSTO), to the militarisation of the world, which translates in particular into ever-increasing military budgets and the militarisation of society.




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