Priama Diia (Direct Action) wants to control shelters

Priama Diia (Direct Action) wants to control shelters

Union press release: Safe shelters for students!

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In a war context, the question of security conditions for studies in educational establishments and accommodation in student dormitories arises with particular acuteness. To protect students and staff from the devastating effects of future bombings, the government has proposed recommendations on how to organize shelters in educational institutions. However, to what extent do Ukrainian university administrations conscientiously comply with these requirements and what is the state of our shelters?

We are launching a shelter inspection campaign in school buildings and dormitories to draw public attention to the real situation of security measures and create space for the fight for safe and comfortable shelters.

 To do this, we have created a channel where we will publish information about the audit results, so join us

We are calling on everyone who wishes to participate - write to us about the status of shelters in your universities/dormitories using our bot - @priama_dia_bot. If you are ready to participate in the verification, write to @garriardo and join the campaign!

 The union has already controlled a shelter

 On September 26, our activists visited the S. Z. Hzhytskyi Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology, located almost in the center of Lviv. Based on the inspection results:

 shelters are marked with signs and inscriptions.

  [❌]  The entrance is narrow, the doors are small, it will be difficult for several people to get inside at the same time

[❌]  No fire extinguishing equipment

[❌]  The shelter is not waterproof, there are cracks, no ventilation is available

[❌]  No lighting is available

[❌]  Toilets and taps not found

there are only chairs to sit on, but there are no waste tanks, food containers, medical equipment or means of communication.

 Conclusion: This university's shelter looks more like a catacomb than a safe haven during rocket attacks.

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