Call for strike in Mariupol

Call for strike in Mariupol

The appeal below comes from the strike coordination committee, a clandestine structure, of course, given the repression by the Russian occupying forces.

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The Russians have been simply defrauding our workers in Mariupol lately, depriving them of their money!

We have decided to fight for your right to be paid!

We are starting an indefinite strike from September 10 (election day)! [Russia announces local elections on September 10 in occupied Ukrainian territories]

Campaign with your colleagues not to go to work if you work for these companies!

The strike is a powerful tool to draw attention to inequalities and negative phenomena in society. It is a manifestation of solidarity, will and desire to change the status quo for the better. When people unite to protect their rights in the event of occupation, a political strike against the occupier becomes a necessity. It gives us the opportunity to express our disagreement with conditions that unfairly restrict our freedom and self-determination. The strike is the voice of those who must live under the diktat of the occupier, deprived of human rights and national independence.

Do not allow yourselves to be helpless witnesses to the occupation and human rights violations. Join the political strike against the occupier and show that you are ready to fight for your rights and those of your people. Together we are stronger, together we will change the world for the better!

The list of companies that will be subject to the strike.

  1. Ulyanovsk construction company Premium LLC (headed by Vladimir Vnukov)

  2. Kompaniya Arkhitektor, located at 31 Lunina Street (CEO Alexey Vladimirovich Dragilev)

  3. The construction company GAMAS

  4. Provider Trinity

  5. Construction company Stroy Monolit

  6. Company Yumistroy

  7. Company Technostroy (head Denis Titov.

We ask all those who are not paid to write) to us, your team can join us even if this company is not mentioned! We are also calling on taxi drivers, public transport drivers (for one day) and utility workers to join the strike on September 10, the day of the by-elections.

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