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mardi, 19 septembre 2017



1st Meeting of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggle for the Americas

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On October 12, 13, 14 and 15, in the city of Sumaré (about 80 km from the city of São Paulo), it will be held the Third CSP-Conlutas Congress. Moreover, together with other Latin American organizations that build the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggle, it will be held the First Meeting of the International Trade Union Network for Solidarity and Struggle for the Americas on 16 and 17 of the same month, October.

The International Meeting is convened with the aim of strengthening relations and exchanging experiences of struggle and resistance against the bosses and governments attacks in our continent.

Every year, the working class and the poor people have suffered several attacks, such as layoffs, withdrawal of rights, repression, privatization, discrimination, etc. Governments are loyal representatives of employers and make use of all methods to ensure their interests. The present moment demands great attention from all workers against the attacks, especially with Donald Trump’s arrival at the US presidency and his xenophobic, racist, homophobic, sexist, islamophobic and anti-worker policy.

Plans of austerity and structural reforms penalize the working class. The consequence in the work world is increasingly the rights withdrawal, layoffs, precarious work and even slave labor.

In the field, small farmers, indigenous and remaining people suffer when facing the persecution and greed of owners of large rural areas and the agribusiness. The consequences are also reflected in large cities where the only alternative for the excluded poor people are occupations of buildings and small plots of land.

Public services in general in many countries have been suffering the consequences of neoliberal and privatist plans. All these wicked plans are advancing just to ensure that countries comply with the domestic and foreign debt payments.

Women, black people, indigenous people and LGBTs suffer even more such misfortunes in face of the oppression weight. The worst jobs, misery and police repression are the prejudice expression that divides our class.

Using corruption and blackmail, large imperialist corporations manipulate and control governments and the media to attack the working class and the youth.

The First International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggle for the Americas is an initiative of the organizations who build the International Labour Network for Solidarity and Struggle. The signatories of this initiative invite other independent organizations willing to join this international struggle.

It is necessary to support workers’ organizations and social movements that are seeking an independent and democratic way to fight against the capitalism effects. We would highly appreciate your participation. We will forge ahead in the unity and international solidarity of all those who struggle against governments and employers.

From Argentina to Canada, we are together in the struggle against capitalism and its effects.

Schedule Agenda :

10/15/2017 (Sunday in Sumaré city) :
- 5pm Panel : Government Trump and Latin America

10/16/2017 (Monday) :
- 09am Departure from Sumaré to Caraguatatuba city
- 1pm Lunch
- 3pm Opening / Panel on Political Situation in the Americas
- 8pm Party

10/17/2017 (Tuesday) :
- 9am Workshops by Industry : Industrial Workers, Mining / Oil Workers, Education, Public Employees, Transport, Communication / Postal Workers and Popular Movements
- 12am Lunch
- 1h30pm Workshops on Oppression : Women’s Rights, Racism, LGBTphobia, Indigenous Resistance, Immigrants and Capitalist Repression
- 4pm Final Main Session : Manifesto, Motions and Campaigns

Information about the organization :

To confirm the participation in the International Meeting, we will need you to fill out the inscription form in this link - https://goo.gl/forms/YQ70pyTpgjJMt6pG2

The organization will provide housing, food and transfer. We will arrange translation for the activities into Spanish, English and French. If you have difficulties with these languages, please let us know. Feel free to bring printed materials, videos and flags of your entities.

Please confirm if you will attend in the CSP-Conlutas Congress, or clarify doubts, contact us through the email : internacional@cspconlutas.org.bror secretaria@cspconlutas.org.br